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by oron

In most cases a couple bases their wedding around the venue they choose. Couples choose wedding venues for different reasons, it maybe for sentimental reasons such as a location where the couple first met or possibly the location of a couples first date, it may even be where the ever important proposal happened. On the other hand, a large number of couples will being their search for a wedding venue with a clean slate. Which ever way you begin your search one thing is certain, choosing the perfect wedding venue is the most important choice you will make when it comes to your wedding day.

With a huge selection of Melbourne wedding venues to choose from your decision will not be an easy one. Throughout this article we explore the various types of venues available. One of the major factors to keep in mind is that there are two aspects to every wedding, the ceremony and the reception. There are some wedding venues that have the facilities available to cater for both your ceremony and reception, other venues that do not offer this will require a separate location to be sourced for the ceremony.

A popular choice for a ceremony a lot of couples prefer is a Church wedding. In recent years churches have become more accepting of couples who wish to marry that come from different backgrounds. This along with the growing number of churches available has created an abundance of choices for couples from newly built modern city churches to charming village and country churches.

Deciding on a church ceremony may be a factor that determines your choice in wedding venue, as you do not want to have your guests travelling long distances in between locations. On the other hand, selecting a venue that offers ceremony facilities is very convenient as you and your guests only need to travel to one location for the whole day. If you research even further you may even find venues with multiple ceremony options both indoor and outdoor to cater for any unexpected weather conditions.

You will also find during your search that wedding venues have a list of preferred suppliers that recommend working with, this will also work to your benefit and assist with budgeting, as most of the professionals recommended have special offers for couple that have been recommended.

Another very fundamental factor to consider is whether the venue has full time chefs and staff that will provide a continued level service from the day you book right through to your wedding day. Some wedding venues use external catering companies to supply the food for your day, you need to decide what the best choice is for you. Most guests tend to place high importance on the quality of the food served at a wedding.

Some wedding venues offer a wedding coordinator that will assist you with your planning and help you with any questions or issues that may arise, this is also important to consider as this significantly reduces the pressure and stress couples feel during the planning process, having someone to lean on and discuss things with is a vital element to having an enjoyable wedding.

With a countless number of choices throughout Melbourne, the wedding venue you select is sure to provide an unforgettable wedding day.

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