How to Plan a Wedding in Melbourne

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On the chance that you are planning your wedding in Melbourne, there are a few enquiries you will have to make before booking one of the many Melbourne wedding venues available. You’ll need to know the number of guests the wedding venue can accommodate and whether they are available on the preferred dates you are deciding on for your wedding day. Find out whether they have any offers for couples book on a weekday or during low season. Are you able to decorate the wedding venue according to the theme of the wedding? One of the most important questions to ask is whether the catering is done onsite or does the wedding venue use external caterers?

Aria at Windmill Gardens is one of the many Melbourne wedding venues where you can enjoy an exclusive and sophisticated wedding. The surroundings of manicured gardens, lakes and cascading waterfalls will definitely leave all your guests with a lasting impression. Their maximum capacity is 230 guests making it the perfect decision for a larger sized wedding. You can also decide to have host your ceremony onsite with both indoor and outdoor locations available.

For a day as special as your wedding you need to consider all of the options available and make an informed decision taking into consideration what each wedding venue brings to the table. A good way to get feedback about the venue is through testimonials of past who have utilized these venues for their wedding day. However, the best way to come to a decision is to book an inspection to view the venue, photographs can only show you so much, however actually visiting the venue gives you your own visual and allows you to imagine yourself in each space.

You may even be interested in having rehearsal dinners, etc. at the same venue. In this case you may get a bundle from the venue for hosting more than one occasion. Most wedding venues in Melbourne have designated indoor and outdoor spaces and can coordinate different events accordingly. Through your research you will begin to see that every occasion is diverse regardless of whether it is at the same venue.

You should also consider booking a considerable amount of time ahead of your wedding day. This will ensure that you have ample amount of time to arrange every detail your wedding. Organise your guest list so you know the maximum number of guests expected to ensure the venue will be able to accommodate this. More often than not, couples will select the date of the wedding according to the availability of their preferred wedding venue. Countless numbers of hours go into planning the most important day of your life and in the end your wedding will truly be the most memorable day of your life.

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