Points to consider before selecting wedding venue in melbourne

by oron

When getting married, the biggest decision you will face is which is the best wedding venue for you? Don’t rush off making too many plans until you have chosen a wedding venue and secured a date. This can be a very overwhelming time during your initial planning stages, as there are countless wedding venues to choose from. Each wedding venues has a different ambiance, which will influence the theme you select for your wedding. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with each wedding venue, which are detailed below.

Outdoor ceremonies are an extremely popular choice for many couples, they often take place in a park or rustic setting. Wedding venues that provide outdoor facilities are perfect for fashionable and unique receptions, they also give brides the opportunity to show off their creative side, being able to add their decorative spin to these spaces. Your creative flare can often produce and very romantic feel in these types of receptions. The downside to having a wedding that is mostly outdoors is the ever changing and unpredictable Melbourne weather, it can also be an uncomfortable experience for those guests who suffer from allergies to inspect bites, so it is a good idea to provide your guests with some protective spray.

On the other hand, hosting your reception in an event space or ballroom is another popular option. This is an ideal choice because the venues often have full time chefs or caterers and also have various decorative inclusions available. This allows couples the ability to focus on other aspects of the wedding and significantly reduces the stress load. Some venues fall into the trap of looking very similar and having a very standard looking dining room, you will have to research all the options available to find the most unique and innovative venue.

Another option to consider is a waterfront reception. The calming effect of a waterfront reception is a stunning setting and will ensure your guests have a magical evening also providing great views and sunsets. There is again however the risk that the weather won’t hold up and will ruin the evening.

With so many different aspects to consider you will need to base your decision on what you both as a couple envision for your wedding day, what your budget will allow you do to, which venue encompasses everything you imagined for your wedding day and also how much time you can afford to spend on the do-it-yourself side of things. All of these factors will effect your decision in different ways, your wedding venue is the most important decision you will make throughout your planning and will be a huge factor towards judging the success of your special day.

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