Victorian COVID restrictions for wedding ceremonies

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The reintroduction of wedding ceremonies. The coronavirus pandemic has made the weddings and events one of the hardest hit industries. As a result we face many years of recovery ahead of us.

Restrictions relating to coronavirus lockdowns mean that we have been closed since March 2020. We have lost an astronomical amount of revenue this year. The easing of restrictions that now allow wedding ceremonies of up to 5 people, which includes the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses. Seemed to be the beginning of some reprieve and hope that our industry is slowly reopening.

Since this announcement we have received a number of enquiries from couples looking to book their wedding ceremonies with us. Upon seeking clarification of these restrictions through DHHS. We learnt that wedding ceremonies can only take place in a public open space. Being a privately owned venue does not allow us to take bookings for wedding ceremonies. For more information contact

What should change

It seems very contradictory of coronavirus guidelines and the government’s stance on large gatherings. You can attend a wedding ceremony in a public open space. Coming into contact with hundreds of others from various locations. With no way to track or trace everyone. No sanitization of facilities. No limits on the amount of people that can be in a public open space at any one time.

However, you cannot have a wedding ceremony at a professional wedding venue. With the capacity to contact trace, temperature check, sanitize. While limiting the number of people onsite at any one time, ensuring everything is within regulation.

Introducing measures allowing registered venues the ability to hold wedding ceremonies. Will ensure that the health and safety of our community is at the forefront of the coronavirus recovery in the wedding industry.

Another consideration could be the use of local government health inspectors. Broadening their scope of abilities to also act as COVID inspectors. To ensure that wedding venues who wish to hold wedding ceremonies are complying with regulations.

Let’s make wedding ceremonies happen

This will also eliminate the notion that has been put forward by DHHS. Suggesting their fear that once private venues begin holding ceremonies they will also be taking place in people’s backyards. Setting up a system which will require either proof of business registration or permits. Will eliminate ceremonies taking place in various problematic locations. While also allowing the wedding industry the ability to begin reopening.

The government needs to promptly reconsider these regulations. Set clear parameters around wedding ceremonies allowing an industry that’s on its knees the ability to being its recovery.

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